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1913 Ryozo Yanagida forms Empire Jidosha Shokai at Gofukucho, Nihonbashi Ward, Tokyo City (currently, 2-2 Nihonbashi Dori, Chuo Ward). Begin importing and selling Empire and Chloral Heart automobiles.
1925 In addition to working to domestically Produce Ford parts, begin selling superior parts and accessories.
1933 Establish New Oasis Co., Ltd.
1939 The company changed its name to Empire Motor Co., Ltd.
1945 Restoring of head office building and store that were damaged during the war. Following the war, recommence the wholesaling and exporting of parts and accessories.
1948 Establish New Empire Motor Co., Ltd. Ford agent rights are required.
1950 Increase capitalization to 6 million yen.
1953 Increase capitalization to 10 million yen.
1957 Increase capitalization to 30 million yen. Appoint Mioto Kamijima president.
1965 Increase capitalization to 100 million yen. Establish Auto Yohin Co., Ltd.
1969 Increase capitalization to 168 million yen. Introduce product control method that uses computers.
1971 Increase capitalization to 201.6 million yen. Move head office from Nihonbashi to Hatchobori.
1972 Head office, Empire Building is completed.
1973 Appoint Mioto Kamijima chairman and Kakuhei Iwanami president.
1974 Increase capitalization to 250 million yen.
1976 Establish the local corporation Empire Motor Co., Of Singapore, Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
1977 Upgrade the computer to UNICVAC1100/11.
1983 Open the Omiya Distribution Center. Compile the Seventy-Year Company History.
1987 Open the Osaka Distribution Center.
1988 Establish the local corporation Empire Motor (Malaysia) SDN BHD in Malaysia. Open the Fukuoka Distribution Center.
1989 Increase capitalization to 300 million yen. Open the Tohoku Distribution Center.
1991 Takanawa Empire Building is completed.
1993 Celebrate 80th anniversary. Open the Nagoya Distribution Center.
1994 Fukuoka Distribution Center is relocated and newly constructed.
1995 Open the Sapporo Distribution Center. Appoint Kakuhei Iwanami chairman and Koichiro Obi president. Increase capitalization to 360 million yen.
1997 Increase capitalization to 432 million yen.
1998 Open the Metropolitan Logistic Center.
1999 Reform corporate organization into a six-headquarter system (Managing Headquarters, Information Systems Headquarters, Development and Sales Headquarters, No.1 Sales Headquarters, No.2 Sales Headquarters, and Overseas Sales Headquarters). Appoint Koichiro Obi chairman and Shigeru Taguchi president.
2003 Celebrate 90th anniversary. Establish the Shanghai Representative Office.
2004 Appoint Shigeru Taguchi chairman and Masanari Ide president. Establish the local corporation Empire Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China.
2006 Increase capitalization to 464.4 million yen. Appoint Taketoshi Hashizume chairman and Masanari Ide president.
2007 Increase capitalization to 500.688 million yen.
2008 Appoint Masanari Ide chairman and Toru Kimura president.
2009 Establish the local corporation Empire Motor (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
2010 Open the Akita Delivery Center.
2011 Appoint Toru Kimura chairman and Yukihisa Akiba president.
2012 Open the Matsuyama Delivery Center.
2013 Celebrate 100th anniversary on 10th of April.
2015 Move head office function to temporary office due to rebuilding head office. Kudamatsu Branch Office opened. New subsidiary, Uchida Auto Co., Ltd, established to handle old and new cars in Saitama Pref.
2016 Move the office of Osaka 2nd Sales division.
2017 Head office, new Empire Building is completed.
2019 Join ATR International AG