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We, Empire Motor Co., Ltd., understand the importance of customer's personal information and that we will take necessary and appropriate measures to acquire, to use and to secure personal information by complying with laws and regulations regarding the proper handling of the customer's personal information.

We will have education and training program for all of our executives and employees so that they would understand and handle customer's personal information properly. We will also ask our clients to do the same and will guide, supervise and discuss whenever necessary.

We will also appoint a person in charge responsible for security control of the personal information so that security control will be intact.

When acquiring information, we will acquire personal information only by way of proper method by giving prior explanation of obtaining information. Such information will be handled properly only by a designated person and to be used within the scope of disclosed purpose.

Information acquired shall not be supplied to any third parties except as permitted by law. When outsourcing the handling of personal information to the third parties, we will inform you beforehand of the name of such third parties and the scope of the personal information.

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