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No.24 70th year Anniversary of Empire Motor and ...

Japanese auto industry showed remarkable development under various circumstances thanks to not only car manufacturers but also spare parts manufacturers and their distributors.

Empire Motor played a part of this role and developed, contributing to the growth of Japanese motorization.
In order to meet the need for the complicated and diversified supply and demand of the spare parts and accessories, distribution center was built at Omiya and started its operation in October, 1983.

At the same time of this year, Empire Motor celebrated its 70th year anniversary at Hotel Okura.

On April 10th, 2013 Empire Motor celebrated 100th year anniversary.
Looking back 100 years tradition and glorious history of the company, Empire Motor will mark a new epoch with Empire spirit, breaking through any hard business circumstances.


This closes "Growth History" of Empire Motor Co., Ltd.

Most of the data and photos the company had kept were lost by the two big disasters,
i.e. Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and Tokyo air raid in 1945.
There might be lack of data or shortage of explanation in the story
but we are very much obliged if this could serve as a reference to your knowledge
on the history and background of our industry.