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No.23 Mr. Iwanami- The Third C.E.O.

Japanese motorization entered into expansion era from the later half of 1955.
Empire Motor expanded together with market development until oil shock in 1973 through 1965s under Mr. Iwanami’s management.
Empire Motor was able to survive coping with changes in time and market, while some other competitors had died out.

No.2 Business Dept. started in April 1976 grew bigger, developing new sales channels of the spare parts and accessories to volume sales stores and DIY shops.
There was a fierce resistance against Empire Motor from local wholesalers for developing such new sales channels.
There are many difficulties which must be overcome in order to accomplish remarkable things before anybody else. A person who can challenge this can be said to be a good and courageous management.

An introduction of a large computer system in 1977 before anybody else in the industry was in a sense revolutionary challenge. 150 + workforce were cut back but still boosted sales and profit.
This introduction of computer system could not have been realized without Mr. Iwanami’s firm determination.