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No.11 A Special Procurement by GHQ

Yanagida, after the war, devoted himself to reconstruction of the company and contributed to the development of the car spare parts industry but passed away in July 1948 at the age of 65 years old.

In spring 1949, Empire Motor received an order from GHQ for 50 pieces of doors for GMC cargo truck. These were manufactured in accordance with given sample door at a press factory doing sub-contract work.
Since then, Empire Motor started business with special procurement of US army for wartime merchandise ranging from brake shoes, elements and wires, etc.
Radiators were sold in excess of \10,000,000 a year.
Korean war which started in 1950 gave special procurement business to Empire Motor having reached to monthly turnover of \50,000,000 in 1951~1952, which lasted until 1958.
This special procurement business made foundation of Empire Motor very firm and solid.