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No.10 Spare Parts Industry after the War

Empire Motor regained the agency right of Ford Motor and became designated company of car import having established New Empire Motor Company to sell Ford Motor cars.
With resurgence of export and import business by private sector in 1947 under certain restrictions by GHQ, Empire Motor started exporting spare parts to countries in South America such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina where Ford cars of early days were still on the road. Spare parts were in great need in these countries, followed by the same demands from countries in Middle East and South East Asia.
Along with such active trade, name and trade mark of Empire Motor became well known in overseas market.
Under such circumstances, General Motor issued a claim in writing to stop using trade mark as it resembled one in shape used by General Motor. Such pressure came also from the GHQ.

Empire Motor made protest against this claim by saying that Empire Motor started to use this trade mark since 1925 when it first became Ford Motor dealer, by also showing the movie where Ford Motor car was pictured with trade mark of Empire Motor.
Three trade marks were registered in June 1951 after this problem had been cleared.