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No.4 The Dawn of New Automobile Age

After the earthquake in 1923, new means of transportation came around, i.e. taxi, hire and bus for people while goods for truck.
What made spread motor car nationwide besides Ford Motor was an emergence of Chevrolet which was assembled in Osaka in April, 1923 by General Motors of Japan.
Due to its economy, mass produced motor car overwhelmed Japan very rapidly.
As such, it was said that Ford and Chevrolet represented Japanese motor cars then.
Having said so, 90% of the car sales were for taxi industry.

The reason behind the sharp increase of the car sales centered on Ford and Chevrolet was, for one thing, an adoption of monthly installment payment.
Thanks to this installment payment plan, anybody who had driving license could run taxi business.
Another reason was well-established nationwide sales and service networks.

Service indispensable for the sale of car is a sufficient supply of the spare parts.
Spare parts for Ford and Chevrolet were brought in from USA initially but with remarkable development of Japanese spare parts industry then, they started positively to use test-passed Japanese ones in order to lower the cost.
Not to mention, such spare parts made in Japan contributed to the rapid spread of the car.
Made-in-Japan spare parts were adopted in the assembly line thereafter and that contributed further to the development of the Japanese car industry.