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No.5 Gasoline Service Station

Oil companies announced a big increase of gasoline price, raising by 10sen from 33sen to 43sen per gallon (3.78 litre). In those days, one bottle of beer and 1.5kg rice was sold at 27sen. Making 10sen increase was a very big one.
(\1.00 = 100sen)
In line with a worldwide spread of the motor car, cutthroat competition was seen for the sale of gasoline which led to the decline in price.

During this price hike dispute of the gasoline, in August, 1932, Mr. Kojiro Matsukata departed to Soviet Union to conclude an agreement of importing Soviet Oil.
Having heard this news direct from Mr. Matsukata, Yanagida planned to sell this gasoline and bought factory site of Sanden at Shinagawa and opened there Oasis Gasoline Service Station, a forerunner of present New Oasis Company.
Oil from Soviet was imported in August, 1933, 2 months behind the original schedule and sold from September 1.
The market price of gasoline, however, started to drop under severe sales competition and gasoline price disorder lasted nearly for a year since then.