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No.6 Top Dealer

The number of business man engaged in motor car business in Tokyo in 1933 was 7,337 with 11,580 cars according to survey conducted by the Metropolitan Police Department.
Ford represented 43.5%, Chevrolet 36.3% , Dutch Brother 6.1% and others out of 5,858 cars surveyed.

There were 7 official Ford dealers in Tokyo area including Empire Motor, who was No.1 dealer.
Between 1932 through 1937, Ford and Chevrolet were in all their glory and apex.
There appeared Gofukubashi shop of Empire Motor in the movie written by Kan Kikuchi, famous novelist, about white-collar workers of motor car.

A yearly sales record of 1,100 cars by Empire Motor was 50/50, i.e. passenger cars and trucks.
The former for taxi, individual storekeepers, corporate presidents and imperial families, the latter for transportation companies, storekeepers and corporations.
Sale of bus with bus body over the truck was also popular. There were quite many small-medium bus companies then including Tokyu and Tobu Railroad Bus company.