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No.7 Development of Spare Parts Business

The Shanghai Incident broke out in January 1932 following the Manchurian Incident in 1931.
U.S.A., having made an announcement of Anti-Manchurian Incident against Japan in 1932, began to restrict export of motor car and its spare parts to Japan.
Empire Motor started to promote domestic spare parts business, for it was clear that the future would become uncertain for Empire Motor who was so dependent on import of Ford spare parts.
As an official Ford dealer, Empire Motor could not sell nor make auto parts other than those for Ford Motor.

The Manchurian Incident which broke out in 1931 ended within less than a year leading Japan for Victory.
One of the factors of the Victory was an activity of automobile unit of Japanese Army, using Ford Truck.
With this experience, Japanese Army urged Ministry of Commerce and Industry to build up Japanese Automotive Industry.
In 1936 Automotive Manufacturing Law became effective, which led Japanese automotive and spare parts industry to be right on track for development.
Empire Motor started to sell commodities to the Army, which became main handling products under the deepening wartime outlook.

When this law was made effective, number of “Made-In-Japan” car was more or less 1,000 cars but it increased to 42,000 cars in 1941. This law in this sense was successful.
However, shortage of spare parts for aftermarket became serious in line with war expansion afterward, for big subject of “Bringing-up of high quality automotive spare parts “ was missed out.
Japanese Army ordered to build up supply route of spare parts for their army cars.
Empire Motor was in charge of supplying spare parts for Ford Motor Cars.
Major parts were manufactured under cooperation of domestic parts makers and other factories, having sketched the blue prints of the major parts obtained from Ford Motor.
It was this time when Empire Motor acquired the skill of know-how of making spare parts under its sense of mission.