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No.8 Name Change and Controlled Economy

In April 1st, 1939, Empire Motor renamed as Empire Motor Co., Ltd. with \1,000,000 capital. Empire Motor then was no bigger than private shop and tried to develop it into corporate organization. It was almost impossible to newly establish a company due to war time control and therefore bought an existing but dormant company with \1,000,000 to change its name.
In the middle of the Pacific War in 1942, authorities ordered Empire Motor to change its name to “Teikoku Motor”, for “Empire” is the name of enemy’s language.
Almost of all company name of “Katakana” was changed into “Kanji”name.

The government ordinance to control 12 major industries such as Steel, Coal, Cement, Precision Machines, Motor Cars and the like was issued in October, 1940.
Motor Car Control Committee was established in 1941 aiming at proper system of distribution of motor car and spare parts, which led to an establishment of Japan Motor Car Sales Company in June, 1942.

Ultimate purpose of this was to make mass production of good cars cheaply under efficient management of the motor car industries.
Empire Motor which developed and brought up parts makers, after long thoughts, decided to devote itself to sales instead of going into manufacturing side of the business.