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No.13 Distribution of Auto Parts

Although production of Japanese car started under technical tie-up with European car makers and self-developed technologies, there were still many old cars running for which supply of spare parts was needed nationwide in early 1955s.

In 1953, the first offices were opened in Nagoya and Sapporo. This was to meet growing demand of immediate supply of spare parts along with the spread of Japanese cars.

Empire Motor planned to speed up supply of spare parts, maintaining spare parts centre which had both inventory and delivery functions.
In 1958, the first spare parts warehouse was opened at Hacchobori and built more thereafter.

Oil shock in 1973 led the world to the age of "Save Resources & Save Energy".
Car makers started to make energy saving cars.
Higher gasoline price and maintenance expenses made mileage shorter, resulting in falling demand of spare parts.
Under such circumstance, Empire Motor made a great deal of effort to maintain its business by newly creating a car accessory business division, opening an exhibition room in the office and sales offices in and after 1975s.
Taking positive business policy in a weak business environment is a chance.
It was an epoch making incident as a wholesaler to have opened business channel of car accessories to the volume sales stores and DIYs.

A: Spare parts made by OE makers and sold through car makers' sales routes
B: Same as A but sold through wholesalers' sales routes
C: Made by OE makers but different from A in that they are designed and made to be sold through wholesaler's sales routes
D: Made by After-Market makers to be sold through wholesalers' sales routes