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No.16 Building-up New Distribution Channels

Diversification and individuality of consumer needs in a new generation changed distribution system of the spare parts and accessories of car industry.

Clients of Empire Motor in 1945 were divided into following 7 categories depending on the distribution channels.

1. Local Distributors (about 7,000 distributors nationwide, out of which about 3,000 were clients of Empire Motor)
2. Repair Shops ( about 78,000 nationwide)
3. Major Users (Taxi, Bus companies, Transportation companies and government offices)
4. Gasoline Stations
5. Sales Stores
6. Others, Factories related with motor cars
7. Overseas Market
Besides above, there emerged DIY and Volume Sales Shops.

Having already made studies about American convenience stores and other type of sales shops, Empire Motor had already forecasted and believed that a new age when car parts and accessories would be sold in such DIY or Volume Sales Shops.